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Lifelikefriends are a Hansa Toy stockist.

We also hold a large stock of Gund, Dowman and Merrythought realistic cuddly toy animals.

We have more than 200 lifelike animal cuddly toys in our toy shop in Wargrave, nr Reading in Berkshire.

All of our lifelike cuddly toys are made from beautiful plush fabrics, the quality of detail and endearing faces make them an unusual present at any time of year.

Things change as you get older, but your love of cuddly toys doesn’t! A cuddly toy will always remain a source of comfort and security.

At our store, we pride ourselves on crafting top-notch vape products, with our cutting-edge technology at the forefront. We believe in embracing the future of vaping, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce the elfbar 500. This sleek and stylish device packs a punch with its impressive battery life and smooth hits, making it the perfect choice for any vaping enthusiast.


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